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Cellular Operators

Viettel Mobile

APN settings

  • username: [blank]
  • password: [blank]
  • APN name: v-internet


APN settings

  • username: mms
  • password: mms
  • APN name: m3-world


  • username: mms
  • password: mms
  • APN name: m-wap


Gmobile (Beeline)

  • APN: internet
  • Username:(blank)
  • Password:(blank)


APN: internet username: (blank) Password: (blank)

Prepaid plans

Viettel Mobile

Pre-paid cards come with many different plans such as HappyZone and Tomato. HappyZone SIM card costs proximately 50,000VND but did not initially have data. But after call to Viettel and then it's start working. Addition: The "Tomato Plan" works with data, too. It just need to be activated by sending the "3G ON" to the 161.


Fast 3G data has been available in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and even all over the remote island of Phu Quoc. The network is new and does not have many users for data yet.


No ID required. SIM cards are available at the airports and recharge cards are sold in small shops and on the sidewalks.


There appear to be a number of different packages, but on recent trip it did not appear to be necessary to sign up to a particular package to gain data access. To turn data on you need to send "GPRS ON" to 333. To avoid blowing through your credit too quickly, you should then select a data plan. U1 Roaming package allows to use the first and unique data transfer service in Vietnam and helps manage usage level of this service when they are abroad with maximum cost of USD 10/day. Tou need to register IR service and successfully setup GPRS. Using the manual selection mode to select networks in scope of provision (avoid the situation that the phone automatically select another network that cause uncontrolled fee arisen). Package content: VinaPhone post-paid subscribers when roaming to the above networks can use the service with maximum fee of USD 10/subscriber/day. In case you use < USD 10/day then you pay fee for real used level in the day. Service fee is calculated in accordance with regulations of the client networks. Usage day is counted in accordance with Vietnamese time zone (from 0h00 to 23h59m59s). If you use data transfer service at a client network that has not signed agreement (on U1 Roaming) with VinaPhone then the fee arisen from this usage shall be charged in accordance with regulations of the client network.


7 networks of 7 countries:

  • TrueMove (Thailand)
  • StarHUB (Singapore)
  • FarEastone (Taiwan)
  • Indosat (Indonesia)
  • KT (Korea)
  • Hutchison (Hongkong)
  • Celcom (Malaysia)

Let select following network codes to enjoy unlimited GPRS service in foreign countries with VinaPhone:

Countries, Regions Network Network code
Thailand TrueMove True
Singapore StarHub StarHub
Taiwan Far EasTone TWN FET, Far EasTone
Indonesia Indosat INDOSAT, MATRIX, 510-01
Hong Kong Huchison HK 3(2G), 3
Malaysia Celcom Celcom, MY Celcom

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