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Algeria is a the largest country in the Arab world and African continent.

Cellular Operators

Orascom Telecom Algerie Spa (Djezzy)

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: djezzy.internet


The operator offers customers the ability to connect to the Internet via their mobile phone network using the GPRS / EDGE / UMTS.

APN settings

  • username: internet
  • password: internet
  • APN name: internet

Wataniya Telecom Algerie (Nedjma)

Nedjma uses the GSM network frequencies 900/1800 and GPRS / EDGE.

APN settings

  • username: nedjma
  • password: nedjma
  • APN name: WEB

Prepaid plans


Djezzy GPRS service is billed in increments of 1 KB indivisible. The rate applied by default is 0.1465 DZD (0.0019$) / KB. However, you can choose another method of pricing that gives you access to three packages to choose from:

Package Monthly Charge
3 MB 350 DZD / 4.57$
30 MB 3000 DZD / 39.13$
200 MB 8900 DZD / 116.09$

How to top up

You can top up your Djezzy account using top-up cards (500 DZD / 6.52$, 1200 DZD / 15.65$, 2300 DZD / 30.00$):

  • Scratch the surface on the back of the card, a 14-digit code will be revealed;
  • Dial 700 (toll free);
  • Follow the instructions in the menu and select the "recharge du crédit";
  • The server will ask you to enter the 14-digit recharge code;
  • Introducу this 14-digit code from left to right;
  • Your account is immediately credited with the amount of recharge.

or just dial *700*< 14-digit recharge code ># then press "Call".

There is also an option called Flexy - Simply go to a Djezzy Store, give the number to which you want to send the credit to the sales agent. In two or three movements your account or the account you have chosen will be reloaded.You will immediately receive an SMS confirming that you received the credit to your account. You can also check your account credit by dialing *710*# then press "Call" (toll free).


The cost of 1 KB is 0.2 DZD / 0.0026$ in Mobtasim, Awel, Mobilis Carte, Batel prepaid mobile plans for mobile phones. The cost of 1 KB in Gosto prepaid plan is 0.18 DZD / 0.0023$.

Mobile Internet packages (Mobiconnect) for your laptop

The purchase of a Mobile Internet package:

Package Charge Data included
1 month 2250 DZD / 28.88$ Unlimited Internet Package + 1000 Free SMS to Mobile
3 month 6750 DZD / 86.64$
6 month 13500 DZD / 173.27$
12 month 27500 DZD / 352.96$

The purchase of the Mobiconnect USB-key associated with a package:

Package The cost of the USB-key Package + key
1 month 14500 DZD / 186.11$ 16750 DZD / 214.99$
3 month 10500 DZD / 134.77$ 17250 DZD / 221.40$
6 month 8000 DZD / 1020.68$ 21500 DZD / 275.95$
12 month 5500 DZD / 70.59$ 32500 DZD / 417.14$

The Internet SIM that comes with the package is free.

How to top up

You can recharge your account using recharge cards or from existing services Racimo electronic reloads (it is a service of remote electronic charging, which allows you to transfer money for mobile recharge from your Postal Current Account).

To subscribe to Racimo electronic reloads simply fill in the Racimo membership form at any post office. Upon subscription a PIN-code will be sent to you by SMS. To recharge your prepaid account online via this service:

  • Dial 9030 from your mobile phone, a voice server will guide you according to the language you've chosen.
  • Press 1 and enter your PIN.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer. Wait for voice confirmation.
  • Press 1 to complete the operation

If you want to cancel, press 0. Wait for the notification about the proper execution of your Transfer from the Racimo voice server. The second confiramtion will be sent to you by SMS.

You can recharge your account with a recharge cards of the following face-values 100 DZD / 1.28$, 200 DZD / 2.57$, 500 DZD / 6.42$, 1000 DZD / 12.84$ or 2000 DZD / 25.67$ using following options:

  • Call 111, provide the 14-digit recharge code and press # in the end;
  • Send following USSD command: *111*< 14-digit recharge code ># and press OK;
  • Go to the menu *600# and choose 2.


The price of Internet browsing in mobile packages is the same 0.24 DZD (0.0031$) / KB

How to top up

1. Recharge cards

Nedjma offers to its customers a wide range of top-up cards : DA 200 DZD, DA 500 DZD, 1000 DZD , 2000 DZD, 3000 DZD, and 4000 DZD.

To perform a reload via top-up cards:

  • dial *222*;
  • enter the 14-digit recharge code from your recharge card and end with #;
  • confirm your action by pressing the call key.

You can also call 222 and follow the instructions of the operator.

2. STORM : e-recharge

Nedjma offers electronic recharge service called STORM. STORM is available in all Nedjma stores, Nedjma Services Centers and authorized retail outlets. The service allows reloads starting from 100 DZD. To do this you have to simply tell the agent your mobile number and the amount you want to recharge with.

3. Storm MSTOR

Recharge your account without providing your phone number, just dial *229# and you will receive a unique 6-digit code via USSD valid for 24 hours, you can provide it at any point of sale instead of your phone number when reloading your mobile.

Validity of Recharges - Each recharge extends the validity of your prepaid account for a period of 90 days. You can check your balance either by calling 222 (toll-free) and folowwing the instructions or dialing *200#.

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