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Cellular Operators

Andorra Telecom

Net Frequencies : GSM 900 - WCDMA 2100

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: internet (internetclic for prepaid SIMs)

Prepaid plans

Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom prepaid mobile service is provided via Mobiland Clic! SIM-card.

You can buy these cards at any Andorra Telecom office, the shop Connectem in Sant Julià de Lòria or any of our authorized dealers. Each Mobiland Clic! card has €60 / 77.65$ as an initial credit and thу credit expires after 7 months. When the credit is equal to €0, you have 5 months of passive period - during this time you can receive calls, but you can't make calls. Without topping up your phone after 5-month period, you will lose your number.

Prepaid Internet Services

The APN for prepaid Internet service using Clic! SIM cards is intnetclic, not internetand as mentioned in many places. They seem to provide an online configuration at (cannot post a link here) also.

You have to book an Internet package by sending an empty SMS

  • to the number 101 for 24 hours Internet access, costs 1 EUR, limited to 50 MB
  • to the number 102 for 48 hours Internet access, costs 3 EUR, limited to 250 MB
  • to the number 103 for 7 days Internet access, costs 5 EUR, limited to 500 MB

So you choose the package by the number you send the SMS message to, not by the content of the message. They ask you to send an empty message. If you phone doesn't support that, try to repeat the number as the message text.

The 103 / 7 days option is reported to sometimes not work. You will receive an error message (in Catalan). In that case try the 102 / 48 hours option.

How to top up

For account top-up you can choose three amounts of credit:

  • €15 / 19.41$ (valid for 2 months).
  • €30 / 38.83$ (valid for 5 months).
  • €60 / 77.65$ (valid for 7 months).

Top-up can be done using one of the following options:

  • Buy a top-up card and follow the instructions at its back side;
  • Call at 180 (toll-free) and dial your recharge code from the recharge voucher;
  • Call 115 if you've given your personal details previously;
  • Using ATMs, but only those which are authorized by Andorra Telecom.
  • Online on Andorra Telecom site - you just need your credit or debit card and your mobile number;
  • There is another option for online top-up, you can top up your Clic! account from [doesn't let me save here].

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