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Cellular Operators

Progresif (Progresif Cellular)

APN settings

  • APN name: pcsbwap
  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)

DST Communications (DST-COM)

It uses GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA technologies.

APN settings

  • username: dst.internet or (blank)
  • password: internet or (blank)
  • APN name: DST.Internet

Prepaid plans

Progresif Prepaid

Plan as you go with all the benefits of Postpaid in a Prepaid line without a contract

Stay connected with friends and family with a price that’s right for you. Just pay for the talk, text, and data that you use. No monthly payments. No hidden fees. Get a free Progresif Prepaid SIM and enjoy our services.

How To Top up

Once you've scratched of the card to reveal the pin number, Dial *178#<12-digit pin number># press send.

Top-up Amount B$5 B$10 B$15 B$30
Validity All Top Up Have 90 Days

You can purchase our Progresif Plans to add more data

Monthly Charge $25 $50
Mintues 50 10
Text 250 500
Data 1GB 2GB


DST-COM offers prepaid Data-Only service called GO!broadband. You can purchase a prepaid GO!broadband SIM Card, which can be used for Broadband data access connection using:

  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop / PC using USB Modem

Starter Packs for prepaid GO!broadband are sold at any DSTCom counters at the price of 30 BND / 24.06$ and are preloaded with 10 BND / 8.02$ for Data access and a one time Annual License Fee (25 BND / 20.05$). The 10 BND / 8.02$ preloaded credit is valid for 15 days from the date of activation. For Prepaid GO!broadband you will be charged at 0.05 BND / 0.04$ per 1 MB. As a Regulatory Control in Brunei Darussalam, it's a mandatory requirement to register all circulated Prepaid numbers. At point of purchase all new subscribers are required to fill in EASI Registration Form and provide a copy of their valid Identity Card or Passport.

How to top up

To top up your prepaid GO!broadband you can buy one of the follwong recharge cards:

Denominations Validity Bonus
Easi 5 BND / 4.01$ 7 days 0.80 BND / 0.64$
Easi 10 BND / 8.02$ 15 days 2 BND / 1.60$
Easi 20 BND / 16.04$ 35 days 5 BND / 4.01$
Easi 40 BND / 32.07$ 75 days 12 BND / 9.62$
Easi 100 BND / 80.18$ 180 days 32 BND / 25.66$

Note that the bonus is valid for 30 days from the day of the last recharge performed. The credit remaining in the account will be forfeited when there is no recharge performed before its expiry date. But you can get a refund if you top up within 30 days after the expiry date:

Within 0-7 days 100%
Within 8-14 days 80%
Within 15-30 days 50%
>30 days 0%

You can top up your GO!broadband account usinf two options:

  • Insert your GO!broadband SIM card into your handset and dial *103*<12-digit recharge code># and press send


  • Recharge from any Easi Mobile number by dialing *107*<Prepaid GO!broadband phone number>*<12-digit recharge code># and then press send.

To check your credit balance dial *102# and press send, you'll receive SMS showing your balance.

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