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Cellular Operators


Globul is a subsidary of Greek Cosmote, who launched their Bulgarian network in 2001. It covers nearly the whole country (except for few mountainous areas) with GSM900/1800, while 3G service (UMTS2100) including HSDPA/HSUPA-support with 7.2 MBit/s of downstream and 2 MBit/s of upstream has also been widely rolled out in the more populated regions.

APN settings

  • username: globul
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:


Mtel is the first and largest GSM mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. UMTS based technology, also known as 3.5G, that allows higher speeds of data transfer with maximum speed up to 14.4 Mbps Downlink.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • username: VIVACOM
  • password: VIVACOM
  • APN name:

Prepaid plans


There is a wide-spread EDGE-coverage based on GSM900/1800 while the bigger cities and the Black Sea coast have 3G service (UMTS2100) including HSDPA/HSUPA-support with 7.2 MBit/s of downstream and 1.45 MBit/s of upstream.

Data feature packs

Plan Price Volume Validity Period Text SMS to 1796 to activate
M-Tel Free Surf 50 MB 9.90 BGN/ 7$ 50 МB 30 days 50 МB
M-Tel Free Surf 100 MB 14.90 BGN/ 11$ 100 MB 30 days 100 MB
M-Tel Free Surf 500 MB 19.90 BGN/ 15$ 500 MB 30 days 500 MB

Standard tariff for Mobile Internet:

0.25 BGN/ approx 0.18$ /100 kb

Data only prepaid

DATA PRIMA - mobile internet and SMS without registration.

Plan Price Volume Validity Period Text SMS to 1796 to activate
Prima Free Data 512 MB 19.90 BGN/ 15$ 512 МB 60 days 512 МB
Prima Free Data 1500 MB 29.90 BGN/ 22$ 1500 MB 60 days 1500 MB
Prima Free Data 5 GB 49.90 BGN/ 36$ 5 GB 30 days 5 GB

For balance check (MB), send a free of charge SMS to number 1796 Balans.

Price per MB over the pre-paid bundle - 2.56 lv./ approx 2$ (VAT incl.)

How to top up

Get Prima topup voucher, which is sold at all kind of shops, gasstations, some restaurants and bars, etc.

  • top up your credit by calling 1114 and entering the recharge code followed by #.
  • or by entering *100#voucher code# and pressing the pick-up button of your handset
  • or by using the STK-Menu (M-Tel / M-Tel Info / Zaredi Prima / enter voucher code)

Sim size

All SIM-sizes are available. 3G micro SIM cards are available on postpaid plans only. 3G service is only available to 3G-enabled SIM cards.


Globul introduced prepaid data packs under the brand "GoWeb". These data packs are only available for special GoWeb SIM cards, but not for regular (voice-)prepaid SIM cards ("b-connect").

data options

Plan Price Volume Validity Period Text SMS to 125 to activate
GoWeb 1GB 29.90 BGN/ 22$ 1024 MB 60 days GA101
GoWeb 1GB 39.90 BGN/ 29$ 1024 MB 120 days GA103
GoWeb 512MB 19.90 BGN/ 15$ 512 MB 45 days GA51
GoWeb 512MB 29.90 BGN/ 22$ 512 MB 90 days GA53
GoWeb 128MB 14.90 BGN/ 11$ 512 MB 30 days GA128

You can combine different packs depending on your needs. For your convenience, GLOBUL will inform you with SMS when end of validity period of the pack is approaching.

To check how many MB you have left from your pack with included MB, just send a free SMS with text “GC” to 125.

GoWeb SIMs are sold in a bundle with a HSDPA-USB-modem (ZTE MF 632) and 2 GB of free traffic valid for 31 days, which is called GoWeb 2GB + 3G Connect Center, for 99,90 Lv (73$). Sole SIM cards come with 1 GB of free data volume valid for 31 days, are designated GoWeb 1GB and cost 29,90 Lv (22$).

Where to buy

GoWeb is available at GloBul shops and at Globul's distributors , such as Germanos, Globalnet, "da, da" and Office 1 Superstore. For recharging credit after the initial inclusive volume has expired, top-up vouchers for GloBul's prepaid product "b-connect" can be used, which are sold at all kind of shops, gas stations, restaurants etc.


VIVACOM has the Easy Traffic plan, where you pay 30 BGN and get a SIM (or Micro-SIM) with 1.2GB of data for 120 days. You can later add 30 BGN each time for another 1.2GB.

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