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There are 3 cell phone providers in Ecuador: Claro, Movistar and CNT Mobile. Mobile networks are diverse and include GSM 850 MHz (largest) as well as CDMA (Bell South's old network before being acquired by Telefonica Spain which rebranded Movistar), TDMA63.

Cellular Operators


It's controlled by Telefónica.

APN settings

  • username: movistar
  • password: movistar
  • APN name: (or)


It's the market leader controlled by América Móvil

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: (or) (or) ba.amx

CNT Mobile

The smallest operator, with only 2% of the market.

APN settings

  • username:
  • password:
  • APN name:

Prepaid plans


Prepaid Mobile Internet Plans:

Plan USB Modem Price (incl. VAT) Final Price Promotional MB Activation Code
Internet Móvil Prepago Plus $99.00 $110.88 500 MB BAM99

For buying a prepaid Modem 500 promotional MB are included for 12 months if the user performs a monthly charge of $ 3 or more. The promotional package of 500 MB is valid for 30 days. You can make electronic recharges for this plan to continue browsing once you have used up the promotional 500MB. The cost of additional MB is $0.02 + VAT.

Plan MB Included Final Price Activation Code
BAM PREPAGO 60MB 60 MB $3.00 BAM60
BAM PREPAGO 200MB 200 MB $9.00 BAM200
BAM PREPAGO 500MB 500 MB $19.00 BAM500

Once you've consumed included MB, you can continue browsing after you have made an electronic recharge. The cost of additional MB is $ 0.20 + VAT.

Prepaid Movistar BlackBerry Mail (only for prepaid customers)

Package Price without VAT Price with VAT MB Included Active Period Additional Services Speed How to activate
PROMO BlackBerry Diario $1 $0.89 $1.00 10 MB 1 day Mail

Internet & WAP Chat Social Networking

2048 Kbps / 1024 Kbps Send DIA to 333

Once you've used up all your data traffic you can order either additional KBs or MBs at the following price:

  • $0.00218 per KB
  • $2.24 per MB

How to top up

You can top up your Movistar Mobile using one of the following methods:

1. Electronic Recharge:

  • Electronic PINs - Codes are fixed value. The values are: $2, $3, $6, $10, $15, $20 and $30. You can make your recharge at ATMs, by calling the IVR *001 and selecting option 6,at supermarket chains, gas stations, etc. This PIN can be entered by calling *001 or *520 option 2, or GSM customers dialing the sequence *107*<recharge code>#, in the same way as performing top-up using physical voucher.
  • Automatic reload - can be done automatically from the point of sale without entering a code or pin. The sum can be in te interval between $0.10 and $70, for example, you can buy $8.15.
  • Micro recharge - Micro top-up is an automatic balance recharge denominations ranging from 10 cents to $1.99. It allows recharging values ​​in cents. When the customer purchases a micro recharge, its value is credited automatically to your prepaid account without entering a specific code.

2. Online top-up - You can recharge your account online be it postpaid or prepaid one, just click here

3. via banks:

Pacífico - 1. at bank cashiers; 2. via; 3. call *001 and select option 6

Pichincha - 1. via ATMs nationwide; 2. via; 3. call *001 and select option 6

Produbanco - 1. via; 2. call *001 and select option 6

Unibanco - Cuota Fácil - 1. at bank cashiers; 2. call *001 and select option 6

4. at the following supermarkets: Ambato, Cayambe, Basin, Cumbaya, Duran, The Carmen, Guayaquil, Ibarra, Freedom, Loja, Blanket, Montanita, Portoviejo, Quito, Saltworks,Sangolqui, Santa Elena, Santo Domingo, Yantzatza


Prepaid Banda Ancha Móvil (Mobile Broadband) costs $99 + VAT (that is $110.88). It includes 500 promotional MB renewed each month during one year. Data packs available are:

Data Pack Price Final Price MB Included Validity Period
Paquete 20 MB BAM $1.50 $1.68 20 MB 1 month
Paquete 100 MB BAM $3.99 $4.74 100 MB
Paquete 300 MB BAM $10.99 $12.31 300 MB

Final price of 1 Kb is $ 0.00224. You can order any of the packs by dialing * 611 or * 123 #.

There is also Amigo Chip Internet Prepago(Friend Chip Prepaid Internet) prepaid offer, it includes 7 days of unlimited browsing. It costs $20. You can purchase a Friend Chip Prepaid Internet in one of the Claro Customer Service Centers or one of the Claro Authorized Distributors. Once you purchase your Chip go to, so you can activate your chip and start surfing. The data packs from the above table are valid for this offer.

BlackBerry Plans:

Name Price Final Price MB Included BlackBerry Mail Personal Mail (10 accounts) Web BB MSN Social Networks
BlackBerry Bis Social 300 Mb $9.99 $11.19 300 MB + +
BlackBerry Bis Full 500 Mb $14.99 $16.79 500 MB + + + + +
BlackBerry Bis Full 1000 Mb $19.99 $22.39 1000 MB + + + + +
BlackBerry Bis Full 2000 Mb $29.00 $32.48 2000 MB + + + + +
BlackBerry Bis Full 3000 Mb $39.00 $43.68 3000 MB + + + + +
BlackBerry Bis Full 5000 Mb $49.00 $54.88 5000 MB + + + + +

Characteristics of the services :

Bis Social 300MB:

  • Access to BlackBerry Messenger.
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) - Access to social networks is performed only in the application preloaded on your computer. If there are external links, they will not work because there is no navigation.

Bis Full (500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 MB):

  • 1 email account with domain
  • Access to BlackBerry Messenger.
  • 10 email accounts (Hotmail / Yahoo / Gmail / etc.)
  • Instant messaging (Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger).
  • Social Networks.
  • Web Browsing from the device.

You can order one of the BlackBerry packages using following means:

  • Using Mi Claro section in
  • From the Services Menu - by dialing *123# + Call button.
  • By calling * 611, 1800 or 638-638 from any Claro phone.

Prepaid BlackBerry service:

MB Included Price Final Price Overage Charge (per MB) Final Overage Charge (per MB)
3 MB $1.00 + VAT $1.12 $2.05 + VAT $2.29

The service can be activated through * 611, * 123 # or using Mi Claro( )

How to top up

You can top up your Claro mobile using one of the following methods:

1. From your cellphone:

With debit your bank account:

  • Call * 100 (toll free)
  • Select the bank or credit card you have.
  • Choose the account type.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Choose the value of the recharge you want to perform and the money will be credited to your phone number.

Banks available for this service: Pichincha, Bolivarian Pacific Produbanco Cuotafácil, Guayaquil.

via Invoice:

  • Call * 100 (toll free).
  • Select the Cargo a tu Factura Celular (Invoice) option.
  • Choose the value of the recharge you want to perform and the money will be credited to your phone number.

2. At any of your local supermarkets (Aki, Mi Juguetería, Ferrisariato, Mini de Mi Comisariato, Gran Aki, Multiahorro, Hipermarket, Oki Doki, Juguetón, Río Store, Megamaxi, Super Tía, Mi Comisariato, Supermaxi, Tía), banks (Banco Bolivariano, Pagoágil, Banco de Guayaquil, Servipagos, Banco del Barrio, Unibanco), pharmacies (Cruz Azul, Fybeca, Farmacias Comunitarias, Medicity, Farmacias Económicas, Pharmacys, Farmaliadas, Sana Sana), and other establishments (Almacenes Japón, Orve Hogar, Comandato, Pollos Gus, Metrópolis, Super Paco).

3. via ATMs - in Banco Pichincha, Banco Bolivariano, Banco del Pacífico, Banco de Guayaquil.

4. Web portals:

5. At Authorized Distributors

  • You can recharge your mobile at any of Claro Authorized Distributors nationwide; just tell your number and the amount you want to top up your account with to a Claro representative.
  • Refills available: $3, $5, $6, $10, $20 or $30.

CNT Mobile

You can activate your 3.5G GSM Internet service

Pack Data Included Pre-tax Rate
Datos 5 5 MB $2.50
Datos 10 10 MB $4.00
Datos 20 20 MB $6.00
Datos 50 50 MB $12.00
Datos 100 100 MB $17.00
Datos 500 500 MB $18.00
Datos Ilimitado * (1024 MB) 1024 MB $19.99
Additional MB in 2G plans 1 MB $0.99

Consumer Demand:

1 KB $0.0015
1 MB $1.49

There are also prepaid card called CONTIGO which you can use to recharge your mobile plan, in public phones to make calls, as a prepaid Internet access.

  • To make phone calls:

1. Make sure your phone is in tone. 2. Dial the number 1814 3. Dial the password and then the # key 4. You will be told the card balance 5. Dial the number you wish to call

  • To connect to the Internet Dial Up Service:

1. Create an account for CNT dial up internet connection 2. Enter the following information:

Username: cnt

Password: cnt

Confirm Password: cnt (must be in lower case)

3. In the area where you enter the phone number you must enter 1814 + PIN (secret key) + #,,,,,,,,, + 2991111 #, # or 1814 + PIN (secret key) + #,,,,,,,,, + 2593210 #, #.

Available cards:

Card Validity Period
Contigo Prepaid Card $ 3 30 days
Contigo Prepaid Card $ 5 45 days
Contigo Prepaid Card $ 8 60 days

CONTIGO tariffs:

Internet $0.015 / min
Local Calls $0.10 / min
National Calls $0.135 / min
Cellular Calls $0.17 / min

There is a promotion - buy any prepaid CNT KIT phone and get the following benefits for 18 months:

  • $ 54 of airtime
  • 540 messages
  • 90 MB of navigation.

Charge is $ 0.16 cents to all destinations (except international destinations). To activate the offer dial * 411 or * 611. The bonus will be distributed monthly - $ 3.00 of airtime, 30 SMS and 5 MB during 18 months after the activation. To receive the bonus from the next month you need to top up your account with at least $ 3 or more, or you will lose your benefits for that month. $ 3 monthly bonus applies only to voice calls. Additional MB costs $0.10.

Also you can activate special offer - 5 MB WAP Internet for $1.11, which apply only for navigation from your cell phone. The offer can be activated more than once a month,. To activate it you need requires a phone with an active WAP, if you do not have active WAP service or cell phone is not configured correctly call * 611, for the service to be activated manually through the system.

How to top up

You can recharge your CNT Mobile using one of the following options:

1. Top-up vouchers ($3, $6, $10, and $15)- activate it by dialing * 111 from your cellphone and then select option 2 or call * 611 and choose Customer Service option.

2. Electronic PINs - recharge using a code with a fixed value. The denominations available are $ 3, $ 6, $ 10 and $ 15. Activate it from your cellphone by dialing * 111 (option 2) and entering the secret code.

3. Automatic Top-up - between $ 1 and $ 30, or integer values , or ​​cents. You don't need to enter any code, since the balance purchased goes directly to your mobile number. Along with the money credited to your mobile account you will receive a text message confirming the entered value.

4. Online top-up - ProduBanco, Banco del Pacífico, Banco Bolivariano, Banco International, Banco Pichincha.

5. via ATMs in Banco Bolivariano and Banco Internacional.

6. via phone - (02)2982-222: Banco del Pacifico, 1700 50 5050: Banco Bolivariano, 1700 123123.

7. Electronic reloads - via major sales channels (Martinizing, Texaco, Pharmacys, Repsol, Servientega, Eel Bodegon, Guimsa, Libreria Cientifica, Primax, Western Union) - dial *111 from your cellphone, select option 2 or call *611.

VoIP applications

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks