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Mauritius has several operators like Mauritius Telecom (offers mobile services in partnership with Orange), Nomad, Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML) and Emtel. Each operator uses a different technology to provide Internet access. Nomad makes use of WiMax, MTML uses CDMA 2000 and Emtel uses HSDPA(3.5G). The monopoly is retained by Mauritius Telecom(MT) which provides dial-up & ADSL services over existing telephone lines.

Cellular Operators


Emtel Ltd. is an international joint venture between Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co. Ltd. and Millicom International Cellular SA, a leading operator in mobile and other telephone services and systems worldwide. The company now operates GSM, GPRS, 3G/UMTS as well as 3.5G/HSDPA and WIMAX networks and offers a range of value-added services supported by state-of-the-art technology and a highly professional team.

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  • APN name: web

Orange (by Mauritius Telecom)

Mauritius Telecom is a telecommunications and Internet service provider founded in July 1992. In November 2000, France Telecom became the strategic partner of Mauritius Telecom by acquiring 40% of its shares. As from 17 April 2008, Mauritius Telecom re-branded its mobile and internet services as Orange.

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  • APN name: internet3g (or) orange

Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML)

MTML is a telecommunications and Internet service provider founded in 2003 by MTNL (an Indian Government-owned telephone service provider). The company is second operator in Fixed Line and third operator in Mobile and one among the seven ILD operators. The following Telecom Services are being provided by MTML as of today: Fixed Wireless Telephony; GSM/3G Mobile Service under brand name CHILI GSM; CDMA Mobile Service under the brand name MOKOZE MOBILE; Dial-Up Internet through Fixed Wireless Phones under the brand name MTML INTERNET EXPRESS SERVICE; International Direct Dialing by Calling Cards; Broadband Internet service through EVDO Data card and USB card / PC Card under the brand name MTML AZU Broadband.

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  • APN name: mtml (or) wapmtml

Prepaid plans


You can buy an Emtel SIM card at most convenience stores or from Emtel Dealer, but it requires you to mail in a registration along with passport information. So, it will be easier to go to an Emtel store. It costs about MUR 100 / US$ 3.33 and includes: MUR 87 / US$ 2.85 of free airtime, MUR 50 / US$ 1.64 of free high speed internet (valid for one week from your account activation). Remember to bring your passport.

You can have access to the Internet without a data plan but it's much more expensive and will pretty soon eat up your credit. Make sure you have sufficient credit in your account before you purchase a data plan:

Prepaid Web Packages offered by Emtel:

Package Tariff (incl. VAT) Validity Period Overage Charge How to activate
500 MB MUR 360 / US$ 11.80 30 days MUR 0.003 (0.0001) / KB Send SMS with Sub 500Mb to 8284
1 GB MUR 480 / US$ 15.74 Send SMS with Sub 1Gb to 8284

The packages are not renewed automatically, therefore once your prepaid package has been used up you need to manually re-activate it.

Emtel Mobile Broadband offer - for MUR 1,599 / US$ 52.43 you get Emtel E173 mobile broadband 7.2 Mbps and free 2 GB. The above web packages are applicable here.

Emtel offers the following prepaid BlackBerry packages valid for 30 days:

  • Prepaid BlackBerry Messaging - it costs MUR 287.50 / US$ 9.43 and allows you to check emails, chat with friends and families with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and other Instant Messaging services (Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk). Unlimited access to emails with Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL, MSN and any POP3/IPOP email accounts.
  • Prepaid BlackBerry Social - it costs MUR 373.75 / US$ 12.25 and allows you to browse on Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), chat with friends and families with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and other Instant Messaging services (Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk).
  • Prepaid BlackBerry Internet - it costs MUR 575.00 / US$ 18.85 and gives you unlimited access to emails with Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL, MSN and any POP3/IPOP email accounts, unlimited access to Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), unlimited browsing on the Internet, unlimited access to BlackBerry App World. You can use Instant Messaging services with BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk.

To change prepaid BlackBerry package send the following SMS to 8283:

Prepaid BlackBerry packages SMS Message
BlackBerry Messaging Change Messaging
BlackBerry Social Change Social
BlackBerry Internet Change Internet

To check the validity and status of your current prepaid BlackBerry package send Status by SMS to 8283.

How to top up

To check balance dial *122# then press Send button. You can recharge your mobile through:

  • Scratch Cards - available in denominations of MUR 50 / US$ 1.64 (valid for 50 days), MUR 100 / US$ 3.28 (valid for 100 days) and MUR 200 / US$ 6.56 (valid for 120 days), you can buy it in all Emtel showrooms and more than 5000 dealers and convenience stores across Mauritius. To top up your account dial *121*<the 12-digit number that appears at the back of the scratch cards># and press Send button.
  • EPin - Emtel EPin is a new electronic system that enables you to recharge your prepaid account by SMS without using scratch cards and entering the pin number on your mobile. You can recharge your account with any amount starting from MUR 20 / US$ 0.66 to MUR 1,000 / US$ 32.79. Just visit one of Emtel EPin dealers, give him your Emtel number and the sum you wish to recharge with. Note that the amount you pay will include the VAT, e.g. If you request a MUR 100 recharge, you will get MUR 86.95 / US$ 2.85 as prepaid credits and MUR 13.05 / US$ 0.43 will be charged as VAT.

To make sure you give the proper phone number to the retailer, dial *111#. Your number will then appear on your phone screen. Check your balance before and immediately after the recharge by dialing *122#. Verify if the SMS you've received is from the following number +8746, it's the ONLY number of the Emtel EPin System.

Epin Recharge validity table:

MUR 20 - MUR 29 / US$ 0.66 - US$ 0.95 15 days
MUR 30 - MUR 49 / US$ 0.98 - US$ 1.61 30 days
MUR 50 - MUR 99 / US$ 1.64 - US$ 3.25 50 days
MUR 100 - MUR 199 / US$ 3.28 - US$ 6.52 100 days
over MUR 200 / US$ 6.56 120 days

  • ATM Recharge - top up your account with your debit or credit card on the ATM of the following banks: MCB, SBM, MPCB and Bank One;
  • SMS Refill - to obtain the service you need to first register with any of the below banks:

1. with Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). You will receive an SMS confirming your successful registration on your Emtel. Once registered, several options are available as follows:

a) To recharge mobile registered as originator:

- For the standard amount (MUR 125 / US$ 4.10) send SMS with refill to 8700.

- For a different amount send SMS with refill (space) the amount you want to top up with to 8700.

b) To recharge mobile registered as beneficiary:

- For the standard amount (MUR 125 / US$ 4.10) send SMS with refill (space) the phone number of the beneficiary to 8700.

- For a different amount send SMS with refill (space) the amount you want to top up with (space) the phone number of the beneficiary to 8700.

2. with State Bank of Mauritius (SBM). Once registered 3 options are available to recharge your prepaid account:

Option 1 - Recharge of a specific mobile number with a predetermined credit amount (default TopUp amount which can be changed should be used for SMS TopUp. Send SMS with topup to 8726.

Option 2 - Recharge of a specific mobile number with a varying credit amount. E.g.: to recharge with MUR 250 / US$ 8.20 send SMS with topup 250 to 8726.

Option 3 - To recharge a different mobile number (no. XXXXXXX). E.g.: to recharge with MUR 125 / US$ 4.10, send SMS with topup 125 xxxxxxx to 8726.

3. with Mauritius Post And Cooperative Bank (MPCB):

Step 1 - compose a message via your mobile phone and insert the following text TUP 1234 9999999 1111111111111 50 EMTL where TUP refers to Fun-d-Fone request, 1234 is an example of a password, 9999999 is a mobile number example, 1111111111111 is an example of your MPCB bank account, 50 is the amount to be recharged, EMTL is your mobile operator.

Step 2 - send the message to 256 0123.

  • Easy Transfer - you can transfer your credit from one Emtel prepaid to another (any sum between MUR 5 / US$ 0.16 and MUR 1000 / US$ 32.79 per day on as much mobile numbers as you like). To start using this service you need to register first - send reg(space)your password(space)username by SMS to 8747. Note thar your password must contain numbers only (between 4 and 6 digits). To transfer your credit send SMS with amount to be transferred followed by phone number which you want to top up and your password by SMS to 8747 (the SMS costs MUR 1).

For Help: Send SMS with Easy1 to 8404 to find out more about registration. Send SMS with Easy2 to 8404 to find out more about how to transfer credit. Send SMS with Easy3 to 8404 to find out more about how to change your password.

  • Internet Banking - if you have an MCB or MPCB bank account you can apply for Internet Banking at your nearest MCB branch and you will be able to top up your Emtel prepaid account by login on the MCB or MPCB website. The amount chosen will be automatically debited from your bank account.


Orange prepaid SIM-card compatible with new Orange 4G/LTE network as well as existing Orange 3G/3G+ & 2G network. The SIM-card costs MUR 100 / US$ 3.31, which includes MUR 100 / US$ 3.31 credit + 10 mins on-net calls + 10 on-net SMS + 20 MB. The card can be bought at any Orange shop or retailer. Prepaid micro-SIM costs the same and includes the same benefits, but it can be purchased only at Orange shops. There is also an Internet Everywhere SIM (for Internet Everywhere key or other 3G/4G keys), it's not for sale, but included with the purchase of an Internet Everywhere key, it includes MUR 500 / US$ 16.53 credit (VAT inc.) + 10 on-net SMS.

Prepaid Internet Everywhere kit includes a 3G+ key, a prepaid SIM, 1GB at MUR 500 / US$ 16.53, 10 Free SMS; it costs MUR 1,599 / US$ 52.86. Packages are:

Prepaid Package Cost Overage Charge How to buy Validity Period
1GB package MUR 499 / US$ 16.50 MUR 3.53 (US$ 0.12)/MB Send SMS with buy 1gb to 8684 30 days
3GB package MUR 999 / US$ 33.02 Send SMS with buy 3gb to 8684
5GB package MUR 1,299 / US$ 42.94 Send SMS with buy 5gb to 8684

To activate Mobile Internet on your 'Orange Prepay mobile follow these steps:

  • Step 1: activate WAP on your mobile phone by sending the following SMS to 8224:

wap(space)phone brand and model, e.g. for a Nokia N70, send wap nokian70

  • Step 2: activate data on your SIM by sending internet to 8684
  • Step 3: buy one of the following Internet packages by sending corresponding SMS to 8684 (package is valid for 30 days from the date of its activation):
Package Price (incl.VAT) Data Traffic Included Excess Charged at SMS to be send for activation
Mobile Internet 20 MB MUR 50 / US$ 1.65 20 MB Pay As You Go (MUR 3.53 (US$ 0.12)/MB) buy 20mb
Mobile Internet 50 MB MUR 100 / US$ 3.31 50 MB buy 50mb
Mobile Internet 200 MB MUR 200 / US$ 6.61 200 MB buy 200mb
Mobile Internet 1 GB MUR 499 / US$ 16.50 1 GB buy 1gb
Mobile Internet 3 GB MUR 999 / US$ 33.02 3 GB buy 3gb
Mobile Internet 5 GB MUR 1,299 / US$ 42.94 5 GB buy 5gb
  • Step 4: open your mobile browser and surf. To check the balance send SMS with query t0 8684 (the price of SMS is MUR 0.60 / US$ 0.02)

Dial-up Pay AS You Go Mobile Internet from orange - there is no monthly rental, you pay only for what you've used at the end of the month on your MT bill. Your PC/laptop has to be equipped with a modem. PAYG requires no additional equipment and no installation. Tariffs are:

  • MUR 0.57 / US$ 0.02 per minute during peak hours, between 7 am (07:00) and midnight (00:00)
  • MUR 0.27 / US$ 0.009 per minute during off-peak hours, between midnight (00:01) and 7 am (06:59)

To set up your dial-up Pay As You Go access:

  • You need to install your dialer. For more info go here (point 2.9)
  • Dial 3121212 and connect to the Internet.
  • Use telco as login and password.
  • Get billed on your MT phone bill.
  • Your Internet call details will be shown on your MT bill.

How to activate

To activate your new Orange SIM card:

  • Insert your SIM card as instructed in your phone's user guide
  • Switch on your phone and enter your PIN number when requested. You can find your PIN on your starter pack.
  • Call 124.
  • Press 2 to obtain your mobile phone number.

How to top up

There are several options how you can recharge your Orange Prepaid:

1. Prepay Scratch Cards - you can buy Prepay Scratch Cards for recharging your account from 20 Orange shops and more than 4000 retailers across the island. Scratch cards are available in the following denominations (VAT included):

Scratch Card Denomination Card Validity Period
MUR 50 / US$ 1.65 50 days after recharge
MUR 100 / US$ 3.31 100 days after recharge
MUR 300 / US$ 9.92 300 days after recharge

Once you've bought your Scratch Card, follow the instructions below to recharge your account:

Option 1:

  • Scratch off the security panel on your Orange scratch card to reveal the 14-digit number;
  • Call 124;
  • Choose Option 1 by pressing 1 to top up your account;
  • Enter the 14-digit code from the scratch card;
  • The voice prompt will tell you your new credit level;
  • You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit level and validity of your account.

Option 2:

  • Dial *124*<14-digit code from the scratch card>#;
  • A flash SMS will be displayed on the mobile phone with the new balance and account validity;
  • You will also receive an SMS indicating your new credit level and validity of your account.

2. E-Voucher - you can recharge your prepaid account by popping into any retailer on Orange E-voucher network (look for the E-voucher sign), ask for an E-voucher top-up and follow the steps below:

  • the retailer will take your payment and perform the transaction;
  • you will get an SMS notification on your phone to confirm the transaction

The E-voucher amount can be between MUR 20 / US$ 0.66 and MUR 1,000 / US$ 33.06.

3. via SMS (MCB, SBM) - you'll need to have your account with SBM or MCB and register for this service at your bank first. Example for SBM customers:

  • Send SMS with topup to 8726 if the amount of recharge has already been decided when you were registering the service at your bank, e.g MUR 100 / US$ 3.31;
  • To recharge with a different sum send SMS with topup xxx to 8726, where xxx is the amount of the credit (MUR 50 / US$ 1.65, MUR 100 / US$ 3.31, MUR 300 / US$ 9.92);
  • To top up another mobile account send SMS with topup xxx ABCDEFG to 8726, where xxx is the sum of the credit (MUR 50 / US$ 1.65, MUR 100 / US$ 3.31, MUR 300 / US$ 9.92) and ABCDEFG is the mobile number you want to top up.

SMS sent to banks to top up your phone is free.

4. via ATMs in SBM, MCB, MPCB, Banque des Mascareignes.

  • Insert your debit or credit card in the slot of the machine;
  • Input the PIN number of your debit or credit card;
  • Choose your account;
  • Choose transaction (Recharge);
  • Select the sum of money
  • Input your mobile number;
  • Confirm your mobile number;
  • You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit level and account validity.

5. using E-Transfer - in case you want to top up any other mobile account. You can transfer between MUR 50 / US$ 1.65 to your friend whose mobile is 750 XXXX:

  • Send an SMS to 8500 ' in the form of T(space)<the number you wish to give credit to>(space)<amount to be credited>(space)0000, which in your case is: T(space)750XXXX(space)50(space)0000;
  • The system will check if you have enough credit and your eligibility;
  • If sufficient credit is available, the transaction is done;
  • Your friend's account is credited with MUR 50 / US$ 1.65 and your account is debited with MUR 50 / US$ 1.65;
  • You both will receive an SMS notification confirming that all went well;

The cost of SMS is 0.60 (US$ 0.02)/SMS.


CHILI is the brand name of MTML GSM Service. MTML has its Customer Care Centres all over the island as well as a strong retail channel for CHILI which sells CHILI SIM cards and top-up cards. To buy a CHILI prepaid Sim card you'll need to have your ID card with you.

Prepaid GPRS Mobile Internet

Package Type Charge Validity Activation Procedure
25 MB MUR 50 / US$ 1.62 No time limit Send SMS with act net to 8200
500 MB MUR 250 / US$ 8.12 30 days Send SMS with act 500mb to 8200
1 GB MUR 400 / US$ 12.99 30 days Send SMS with act 1gb to 8200
Excess Usage Charges MUR 1.5(US$ 0.05) / MB Charging in steps of 10Kb @ MUR 0.015 / US$ 0.0005

Prepaid Mobile Broadband (EVDO USB Card Purchase Price MUR 999 / US$ 32.86 (Excl VAT ))

Package Free upload & Download volumes Charge per month Activation Procedure
1GB Plan 1 GB MUR 299 / US$ 9.84 Send SMS with act evdo1 to 8200
2GB Plan 2 GB MUR 549 / US$ 18.11 Send SMS with act evdo2 to 8200
5GB Plan 5 GB MUR 1199 / US$ 39.54 Send SMS with act evdo5 to 8200
12GB Plan 12 GB MUR 2000 / US$ 65.96 Send SMS with act evdo12 to 8200
Pay As U Go - Plan - MUR 0.50 / US$ 0.02 per 1 MB -

How to top up

You can top up your prepaid account using top-up cards. The cards are available all across the island in every region They are available in the following denominations:

Denomination (VAT Incl.) Validity Period
MUR 25 / US$ 0.82 15 days
MUR 50 / US$ 1.65 50 days
MUR 100 / US$ 3.30 100 days
MUR 300 / US$ 9.90 150 days

To top up using these cards follow the steps:

  • Scratch off the security area of your Recharge card to reveal 13-digit PIN
  • Dial *111*< 13-digit PIN ># and press OK
  • You will receive a message confirming your new balance

You can recharge any MTML/Chili account:

  • Dial 9591111 from your phone
  • Select the language by pressing 1 for English, 2 for French , 3 for Hindi or 4 for Chinese
  • Press 1 if you want to recharge your own account or 2 if you want to recharge any other account
  • Follow instructions as per IVR flow

To check the balance dial *222# and then press OK.

VoIP applications

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks