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Cellular Operators


Movistar is a major mobile phone operator owned by Telefónica Móviles. It offers GSM 900/1800 MHz (2G), UMTS 2100 MHz (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G) services.

APN settings

  • username: movistar
  • password: movistar
  • APN name:
  • MCC: 334
  • MNC: 030


Telcel is Mexico's largest mobile phone carrier, owned by América Móvil. Telcel launched its 3G (850Mhz Band) services. This is the 2nd 3G Wireless Network after Iusacell's 3G Nationwide CDMA2000 network, and then expanding to other cities to finally become a national 3G network which will reach more than 350 cities. Telcel's 3G network is based on UMTS / HSDPA technology.

APN settings

  • Username: webgprs
  • Password: webgprs2002
  • APN:
  • MMS APN:
  • MMS Password: mmsgprs2003
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MCC: 334
  • MNC: 20


I usacell is the third and first 4G mexican network

APN settings-Iusacell/Unefon

  • username: iusacellgsm
  • password: iusacellgsm
  • APN name:
  • MCC: 334
  • MNC: 050

APN settings-AT&T

  • APN name:
  • MCC: 334
  • MNC: 090


Virgin mobile

  • name: Virgin Internet
  • APN


  • username : weex
  • APN :

tuenti mx

  • name: tuenti mx
  • apn:

Prepaid plans


Plan Price Validity Period Text SMS to 5050 to activate
15MB Amigo Telcel Internet MXN 15.00/ 1 day BAT0
100 MB Internet Amigo Telcel MXN 49.00/ 4$ 1 day BAT1
200 MB Internet Amigo Telcel MXN 79.00/ 7$ 2 days BAT2
700 MB Internet Amigo Telcel MXN 199.00/ 17$ 7 days BAT7
Internet Telcel Amigo 1.5 GB MXN 299.00/ 25$ 2 days BAT15
Telcel Amigo 3GB Internet MXN 499.00/ 42$ 30 days BAT30

After the first 100MB per day (1GB per week, 3GB per month), they may drop your speed down to 128kb. Doesn't seem to be a volume limit (although speed obviously limits the amount of data). It works in Mexico only.

How to top up

Refill cards are available from stores, Mexican bank accounts and ATMs can be used; there are also some US companies selling online recharges.

Where to buy

SIM cards are called (microchips) and can be brought from local Telcel dealers you'll find almost everywhere in the country.

Sim Sizes

Mini SIMs exist. Micro SIM availibility .


Plan Price Volume Validity Period
Conecta 5 en 1 MXN 12/ 1$ 5MB 1 day
Conecta 10 en 7 MXN 50/ 4$ 10MB 7 days
Links 15 MXN 90/ 8$ 50MB 15 days

MXN 0.02 per additional KB

Where to buy

Refill cards are available from newsstands, convenience stores,supermarkets. Customer service number is *611 dialing from a movistar cell phone.

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