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Cellular Operators

Maroc Telecom

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: (contract, could be used for 3G Jawal as well, and is reportedly more stable) or (maybe menara prepaid) or (3G Jawal)

Medi Telecom (Meditel)

APN settings

  • username: MEDINET
  • password: MEDINET
  • APN name:

Wana Corporate S.A. (inwi)

APN settings

  • username:
  • password:
  • APN name:

Prepaid plans

Maroc Telecom

Maroc Telecom has the best coverage all over Morocco. It offers Maroc Telecom Menara 4G prépayé prepaid plan that includes Sim-card working in Smartphone, iPhone or 3G/4G USB stick, and 4G Internet Jawal service. Buying Maroc Telecom Menara 4G prépayé will require a passport copy.

Prepaid Mobile Internet is available from 199 MAD / 24.22$ + 1 month of free connection with the 4G prepaid internet. Rate offered up to 3.6 mb / s. If downloaded traffic exceeds 400 MB per day, the flow goes to 128 kb / s. The customer gets his speed of 3.6 MB / s the next day. Start-up package includes USB modem and SIM-card or only 3G+ Sim-card .

Modem Type Package Price
Alcatel 3G modem OTX 080 199 MAD / 24.22$
Huawei E153 Modem
ZTE MF 180 modem
Huawei E173 Modem 390 MAD / 47.46$

For more information, call 888.

As for 3G Internet Jawal - precondition for using this service are:

  • a prepaid card Jawal.
  • Smartphone device.

Jawal Internet service is available for prepaid mobile customers.

To activate this service send SMS Config Internet Jawal to 505 and save the configuration received to your mobile phone. Note: For assistance in enabling 3G Internet Jawal service the client can contact the Customer Relations Center by calling 888.

How to top up

Morocco Telecom offers 3G Prepaid Jawal top-up cards for recharging:

  • 5 MAD / $0.5 - 500 MB valid for 1 day;
  • 10 MAD / $1 - 1 GB valid for 3 days;
  • 20 MAD / $2 - 2 GB for 1 week;
  • 30 MAD / $3 - 3 GB for 10 days;
  • 50 MAD / $5 - 5 GB for 1 month;
  • 100 MAD / $10 - 15 GB for 1 month;
  • 200 MAD / $20 - 25 GB for 2 months.

You can recharge your account by sending SMS with recharge code from the top-up card followed by *3 to 555. You can check out the validity date of your account by sending SMS to 580. Also top-up can be done in tele-boutiques and supermarkets. After expiration the internet account is suspended.


There are three prepaid calling plans: Méditel Jahiz Batal, Méditel Jahiz MIX, Méditel Jahiz Alo, but they do not include any data trafic. To have Internet access you should activate Internet Service.

If your phone is not configured yet, you can configure it either by connecting to Meditel website or by calling the Customer Relationship Center 121 for remote configuration.

Mobile Internet service is available for Meditel Jahiz perpaid customers:

Validity Price MAD Traffic included
1 day 10 MAD / 1.22$ 200 MB
3 days 25 MAD / 3.04$ 600 MB
7 days 50 MAD / 6.08$ 1 GB
30 days 200 MAD / 34.34$ 4 GB

Internet access for your laptop: Start-up pack including SIM-card and USB modem costs 189 MAD / 23$, including only Sim-card - 59 MAD / 7.18$.

Validity Price MAD Speed Traffic included
24 hours 10 MAD / 1.22$ 3.6 Mbps 1 GB
3 days 25 MAD / 3.04$ 3 GB
7 days 50 MAD / 6.08$ 5 GB
30 days 200 MAD / 34.34$ 22 GB

How to activate

Connection period of Mobile Internet can be activated by sending SMS (toll-free) either 1mois (1 month) or 1semaine (1 week) or 3jours (3 days) or 1jour (1 day) to 4000.

How to top up

You can recharge your account via:

  • Dealer: charging is carried out immediately at Meditel point of sale .
  • Top-up scratch Card: available at Meditel point of sale. Charging is done by entering the numbers from the top-up card either on the Web page that appears automatically when your Internet is expired or via the Meditel website;
  • Credit card - in the online store.

Wana (inwi)

Inwi offers Internet on your mobile service. Internet on your mobile gives you unlimited access to the Internet for the duration of the period chosen:

Internet Access Period Price
for 1 day 20 MAD / 2.43$
for 1 week 70 MAD / 8.52$
for 1 month 180 MAD / 21.90$

If you use Inwi Mobile Internet for the first time on your phone, then you will need to configure it. To configure the phone call Inwi assistant to 220 and ask to send configuration settings via SMS . Once the service is activated and the telephone is configured you can access the Internet from the web browser on your phone.

Inwi offers Mobile Internet for your laptop start-up packages - 290 MAD / 35.29$ ( includes modem + 7 days of free Internet access) and 399 MAD / 48.56$ (includes modem and 2 months of free Internet access)

How to activate

To subscribe to the service follow the steps:

  • First verify that your mobile phone allows Internet browsing;
  • Dial *120# and press Send button
  • Among the services that will be displayed go to Internet Mobile.
  • Choose the Internet access period you want to activate and validate. It gives you unlimited access to the service for the duration of the period chosen.
  • You may require a network configuration message, which can be obtained by dialing *222#

How to top up

Inwi offers 5 types of top-up cards for Internet via modem recharge:

  • 10 MAD / 1.22$ - for 1 day of Internet access;
  • 20 MAD / 2.43$ - for 2 days;
  • 40 MAD / 4.87$ - for 5 days;
  • 200 MAD / 24.34$ - for 30 days;
  • 300 MAD / 35.51$ - for 60 days.

You can recharge your modem in all Inwi stores and buy top-up cards in all Marjane places.

Top up is available via:

  • phone - call 05 29000110 and follow the instructions of the answering machine;
  • Widget HDM - You can recharge your account directly through the widget by entering your recharge code from the top-up card.

VoIP applications

VoIP services (Skype, WhatsApp voice, Viber etc.) are now available in Morocco.

Viber is still blocked on IAM and requires a VPN. Inwi seems to be filtering Viber as well as the quality improves whe n using a VPN

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks