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Cellular Operators

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC)

MTC is the largest mobile operator in the country. It supports GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)/2100 MHz UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA+ and LTE technologies.

APN settings

  • username: (blank) (or) ppsuser
  • password: (blank) (or) ppsuser
  • APN name: internet (or) ppsinternet


Leo (formerly known as Cell One) supports GSM-900/1800 and 2100 MHz UMTS technologies.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: internet

Telecom Namibia

It's a national telecommunications operator wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia. It offers CDMA voice, text and data services.

Prepaid plans


MTC offers Tango service, a pay as you go option giving you the possibility to pay as you talk. You can purchase Tango Sim card for N$ 6.95 / US$ 0.80, it includes N$ 5.00 / US$ 0.58 FREE airtime. It can be used for both voice and data.

There are two prepaid voice tariffs that include data, others are voice and SMS only. These two tariffs are Aweh Aweh and Aweh Aweh Lite:

Tariff Free SMS per day Free Data Free Minutes per day Free Calls to Price Valif for How to activate
Aweh Aweh 100 30 MB 50 mins 10 national numbers N$ 30.00 / US$ 3.47 7 days Send SMS with #Aweh# to 134 and dial 133 to add your 10 favorite numbers
Aweh Aweh Lite 30 15 MB 50 mins 1 national number N$ 15.00 / US$ 1.73 7 days Send SMS with #Aweh-lite# to 134 and dial 133 to add your 1 favorite number

Data charges for Aweh Aweh and Aweh Aweh Lite are charged at N$ 0.50 / US$ 0.06 per 1 MB.

For BlackBerry users MTC offers two Tango Prepaid BlackBerry packs:

BlackBerry® Absolute Plan BlackBerry® Complete Plan
Activation Fee (30 days) N$ 99.00 / US$ 11.45 N$ 59.00 / US$ 6.82
Activation Fee (7 days) N$ 39.00 / US$ 4.51 N$ 19.00 / US$ 2.20
BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) yes
BlackBerry® E-mail (BBMail™) yes
On-device Browser yes
BlackBerry® AppWorld™ yes
Social Networking yes
Instant Messaging yes
Web-based E-mail Account 10 E-mail Addresses 1 E-mail Address
BlackBerry® Protect yes no
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express yes no

To activate any of the two packs dial *682#.

MTC offers data-only service for your laptop under the brand name Netman (see here). Prepaid products in terms of Netman are:

Package Free Data Max Speed Once off payment You get
Netman 3Go 50 300 MB 3.6 Mbps N$ 999 / US$ 115.52 300 MB data per month for a period of 24 months
Netman Instant 250 MB 3.6 Mbps NS$ 279 / US$ 32.26 NS$ 250.00 / US$ 28.91 Airtime once off + free 20MB mailbox and 3G USB Device. The stick is not Sim-locked
Netman Time Daily data usage limited to 200MB Data speed limited to 1 Mbps N$ 10 / US$ 1.16 per 1 hour Customers charged N$ 10 / US$ 1.16 per hour

Standard out of bundle rate is N$ 0.90 / US$ 0.10 per MB. Netman Time is available to Netman Instant customers only. To migrate to Netman Time text #Netman Time# to 134. To migrate from Netman Time back to Netman Instant text #Netman Instant# to 134. You Must be on Netman Time for minimum 24 hours prior to migrating back to Netman Instant.

You can also get extra data at a reduced price when purchasing Add-on Bundles (these are applicable for both Tango and Netman):

Extra Data Cost (without VAT) Cost per MB (without VAT)
50 MB N$ 25.00 / US$ 2.89 N$ 0.50 / US$ 0.06
100 MB N$ 39.00 / US$ 4.51 N$ 0.39 / US$ 0.05
500 MB N$ 149.00 / US$ 17.23 N$ 0.30 / US$ 0.03
1 GB N$ 249.00 / US$ 28.79 N$ 0.24 / US$ 0.03
2 GB N$ 449.00 / US$ 51.92 N$ 0.22 / US$ 0.03
5 GB N$ 999.00 / US$ 115.52 N$ 0.20 / US$ 0.02

Buy data cheaper by sending a blank SMS to 147 or dialing *147# and follow the instructions. You can also buy Happy Hour offer - you get Internet access from 24:00 till 05:59 each day during 7 days for N$ 10 / US$ 1.16 - just text Happy Hour to 145.

Netman 4G is available only for postpaid customers.

Where to buy

You can buy MTC SIM card at MTC shops located in all shopping malls in Windhoek or at the airport, when you arrive at the Husea Kutako Airport (WDH). The airport shop is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Also you can find the list of dealers here. You can buy recharge vouchers at most stores across Namibia including street merchants.

How to activate

To get Data Bundles follow the steps:

1. Dial *682# from the dialing screen.

2. You will receive the following menu:

  • 1: Data Bundles
  • 2: International Voice Bundles
  • 3: Data Services
  • 4: Balance Enquiry

3. Reply with 1 for Data Bundles

4. You will receive the following menu:

Balance N$XX.XX

  • 1 N$ 25.00 for 50MB (excl. VAT)
  • 2 N$ 39.00 for 100MB (excl. VAT)
  • 3 N$ 149.00 for 500MB (excl. VAT)
  • 4 N$ 249.00 for 1GB (excl. VAT)
  • 5 N$ 449.00 for 2GB (excl. VAT)
  • 6 N$ 999.00 for 5GB (excl. VAT)

5. Reply: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to buy Data Bundle

6. You will receive a reply message: Are you sure you want to purchase a XXMB NetMan Data Bundle for N$XX.XX

  • 1 for YES
  • 0 for NO

7. Reply 1 to purchase or 0 to cancel the purchase. If you select 0 to cancel the purchase, you will receive a message: Transaction cancelled. Goodbye.

If you select 1 for YES the system will process the instruction. If you have sufficient credit you will receive the following message: You have successfully purchased XXMB NetMan Data bundle for N$XX excl. VAT.

If the available credit is not sufficient, you will receive the following message: Insufficient funds, please choose a lower domination. Your current balance is: N$XX*

Using this service via USSD (*682#) will cost you N$ 0.05 per transaction.

How to top up

To check your current prepaid credit send blank text message to 131 or dial *131#'.

You can top up your account using prepaid Tango top-up vouchers. Once you've bought such voucher dial *132*<recharge code from the voucher>#.

Recharge vouchers available:

Recharge Validity Period
N$ 5 / US$ 0.58 1 day
N$ 10 / US$ 1.16 2 days
N$ 20 / US$ 2.31 4 days
N$ 30 / US$ 3.47 7 days
N$ 50 / US$ 5.78 14 days
N$ 100 / US$ 11.56 30 days
N$ 150 / US$ 17.34 45 days
N$ 180 / US$ 20.81 60 days
N$ 295 / US$ 34.11 100 days

You can also send and receive Tango airtime via SMS (free of charge) from one Tango mobile account to another.

1. Send via SMS the amount you wish to transfer and the cellphone number of the person who will receive the airtime to 137.

Example: N$ 10 / US$ 1.16 sent to 0812345678 would be 10#0812345678' texted to 137.

2. Upon which you will receive an SMS from 124 asking Do you wish to transfer N$X airtime to 264812345678? Reply "yes", or "no" to cancel immediately.

3. Reply to this SMS with yes to transfer the amount, or reply to this SMS with no to cancel the transfer.

NOTE: Minimum transfer is N$ 5.00 / US$ 0.58


Leo offers 3 prepaid packages that include free data:

Prepaid Package Leo20 Leo50 BusinessLite
Balance needed (excl VAT) N$ 20 / US$ 2.30 N$ 50 / US$ 5.74 N$ 150 / US$ 17.23
FREE minutes (to all local networks) 20 50 150
FREE minutes (to international networks* no no 10
FREE SMS (to all local networks) 20 50 150
FREE data MBs 20 MB 50 MB 150 MB
FREE 3 friends and family no
Validity Period 7 days 30 days 30 days
How to subscribe Dial *330*1# Dial *320*1# Dial *310*1#

Note: *Angola, South Africa, China, Germany at N$ 2.50 / US$ 0.29 P/M on BusinessLite.

In terms of the Standard and Hola! prepaid tariffs the cost of 1 MB is N$ 1.00 / US$ 0.11. To subscribe to the Standard tariff for free dial *105*2#, to the Hola! tariff - dial *100#.

There are also Prepaid Data Bundles from Leo for those who'd like to surf the web from the smartphone or a mobile internet device:

Data Bundle Subscribe with a balance of To Subscribe dial
leodata 50MB N$ 29.99 / US$ 3.45 *130*50#
leodata 100MB N$ 55.99 / US$ 6.43 *130*100#
leodata 250MB N$ 129.99 / US$ 14.94 *130*250#
leodata 500MB N$ 249.99 / US$ 28.72 *130*500#
leodata 1GB N$ 449.99 / US$ 51.70 *130*1000#
leodata 2GB N$ 799.99 / US$ 91.91 *130*2000#
leodata 2.5GB N$ 949.99 / US$ 109.15 *130*2500#

How to top up

For prepaid customers to check your account balance dial *100#, or dial *101*1# for detailed balance information, or send a blank SMS to 124, or call 139.

You can top up your Leo prepaid account at any of the Leo shops or distributors in any of the following conventional ways:

  • Recharge voucher - you have the choice of N$ 10 / US$ 1.15, N$ 20 / US$ 2.30 or N$ 60 / US$ 6.89 recharge values. Scratch off the area to reveal your recharge code and send it in SMS to 124. Before topping up yourself up with some fresh airtime, check that Leo voucher you are using has not been used, and that the recharge serial code is still concealed.
  • Virtual voucher - you can buy airtime over the counter of distributors like PEP stores, Checkers etc. They'll print out your recharge code for you, create an SMS and enter the recharge PIN found on your voucher print out and send it to 124 and you’re recharged.
  • E-recharge - recharge your own or someone else's prepaid account electronically at any Leo shop. The amount of the airtime is sent via Leo system to the receiver and you'll get an SMS confirming your move. Go to any Leo shop or distributor and give your number and the amount of airtime you want to buy. Your airtime will be sent directly to your phone.
  • Send airtime from one phone to another - send SMS with the letter S, the number you want to make the transfer to and the amount you want to transfer (e.g. S 0851234567 30) to 124.

Telecom Namibia

There is a prepaid service called Switch that allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and connect to the Internet with a data package. Switch is provided through a superior and secure wireless access system based on CDMA technology. It's a pay as you go service. Switch has two call plans:

  • Switch Time - rates are time based, i.e. peak, off-peak, off-offf peak.
  • Switch Easy - same rate 27/7.

Switchmobile Internets plans:

  • 1X Internet dial up N$ 222 / 25.45 - only N$ 0.30 / US$ 0.03 per minute.
  • 3G EVDO always on Broadband N$ 333 / US$ 38.17 - only N$ 0.50 / US$ 0.06 per MB. Free 1100 MB once off.

How to top up

Recharge voucher denominations available in:

  • N$ 5 / US$ 0.57, N$ 10 / US$ 1.15, N$ 20 / US$ 2.29 and N$ 30 / US$ 3.44 = 90 days validity period
  • N$ 50 / US$ 5.73, N$ 100 / US$ 11.46, N$ 200 / US$ 22.93 and N$ 300 / US$ 34.39 = 270 days validity period

VoIP applications

Viber (
Skype (

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks