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Cellular Operators

JOi Telecom

APN settings

  • username: tescowap
  • password: password
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: orangeinternet


APN settings

  • username: 9051145112
  • password: 123456
  • APN name: everywhere


APN settings

  • username: web
  • password: web
  • APN name: internet

O2 (Pay Monthly)

APN settings

  • username: eesecure
  • password: ee
  • APN name:

O2 (Pay as you Go)

APN settings

  • username: payandgo
  • password: password
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • username: user
  • password: pass
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • username: tescowap
  • password: password
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • username: Audi2020
  • password: Audi9895
  • APN name:

If your MiFi Device requires a value in the IPV4/IPV6 Number field, then "5" is the value that was given to me by mobile internet support at 3. It worked for my Huawei E5372 MiFi hotspot device. This was formerly a Vodafone UK model R215 MiFi device which I have unlocked now its contract period has finished. I've also since discovered from a search of Mobile internet settings that it seems many network operators will connect if "*99#" is entered in the Number field.

2020/05 Using a RUT955 with a RELISH SIM forcing LTE I found that 3internet connects but NOT


The company also provides mobile broadband services with speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and allowances of 1 and 3GB depending on the chosen package, provided through the Everything Everywhere 3G network.

APN settings

  • username: user
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

Prepaid plans

General Information about Prepaid data plans

Most UK prepaid SIMs are completely free if you can get them posted to you. Otherwise they can be bought very cheaply in most shops, usually only at the cost of the credit on them. Some are even being given away at airports and important tourist areas.

Some UK prepaid plans will give you a free bundle of data just for topping up with £10 (or in some cases less). Offers vary all the time, and sometimes you get other freebies (like SMS) for topping up with prepaid credit.


If you're on Pay As You Go, you get 150MB worth of free internet to use every time you top-up. To get the most out of your top-up, we recommend converting some of your credit to an Add-on. For example, if you convert your top-up to a £10 All-in-One Add-on you'll get 500MB internet allowance, along with 3,000 texts and 100 minutes. With this you can check web pages like Facebook® 300 times a day or Tweet 3,000 times a day, use Google Maps when you're on the move and access all your favourite sites such as BBC and YouTube. More information You can buy Mobile Broadband on Pay As You Go if you don't want a contract, which is charged as follows:

Pay As You Go Add-ons

Broadband Lite 1GB ₤10/ 16$
Broadband Plus 3GB ₤15/ 24$
Broadband Max 7GB ₤25/ 41$

Three will give you a free SIM, and used to give you some data for that but not anymore. See:Three free SIM

GiffGaff sim will give you a free SIM too, and until the end of this month will get you completely free data. Thereafter, it will be charged at a cap of 50p/day for up 30MB. It will be charged at 20p/MB up to the cap, and after 30 MB/day.To get a SIM see: GiffGaff Free SIM

How to top up
Where to buy

Purchase from a Three Mobile store for £10 which includes £10 credit, also available online.

Sim Size

Mini SIMs as standard. Micro SIMs may be available on request (mini SIMs are able to be cut down to micro SIM size).


Simplicity on Pay & Go

No monthly contract and the freedom to change your allowance every 30 days. Get Free Simplicity Sim

Tariff Features £7.50/12$ £10.50/17$ £15.50/25$
Minutes 0 100 300
Texts Unlimited 500 Unlimited
Data - The Basics 100 MB add £3/5$ 100 MB add £3 100 MB add £3
Data - The All Rounder (inc. unlimited Wi-Fi and 20 MMS) 500 MB add £6/10$ 500 MB add £6 500 MB add £6
Data - The Works (inc. unlimited Wi-Fi and 50 MMS) 1 GB add £10/16$ 1 GB add £10 1 GB add £10

Text & Web

Text & Web sim card gives you 300 texts and inclusive web browsing, when you top up just £10 a month. Get Free sim for Text&Web

Top-up £10 - £14 Get 300 UK texts and 500MB UK data
Top-up £15 - £29 Get 500 UK texts and 500MB UK data
Top-up £30 or more Unlimited UK texts & 500MB UK data

If you've already got a Pay & Go sim card with O2 and want to move to O2 Text & Web, text TEXTANDWEB to 21300 for free.

How to top up

Top up your phone using your credit/debit card. Call free on 4444.

Where to buy

O2 Simplicity SIMs can be purchased from O2 website or from an O2 store. If you are traveling to the UK from overseas, you can purchase online before you depart from Mobi Passport

Sim Sizes

Mini SIMs available. Micro SIMs can be ordered for Simplicity customers or picked up in-store.


On Prepaid SIM cards, Vodafone UK offers mobile phone web browsing with three options:

  • The default plan

Pay as you browse costs just £1 for a day - and you only pay on the days you want to browse.Your £1 buys you 25MB which is enough to watch a couple of YouTube clips, read up to 90 BBC News stories, and read and reply to around 100 emails. We'll text you with some options if it looks like you'll go over your 25MB a day data limit. If you do go over, the charges are £1 for another 25MB after that.

  • Freebees on Pay as you go

Top up at least £10 and you’ll get free standard UK texts and UK web access for 30 days in addition to your credit. Get Freebee Sim

Top-up £10/ 16$ 300 texts and 500MB of web access
Top-up £15/ 24$ 500 texts and 500MB of web access
Top-up £30/ 49$ 3000 texts and 500MB of web access
  • A 30 day web pack which includes 250 MB of data. A web pack costs £5.00. More information

How to activate

To activate 30 day web pack send an SMS with "WEB1" to 2345. To activate Freebees on Pay as you go call 4350 free from your Vodafone mobile to opt in.

How to top up

There are five convenient ways for you to top up your phone

Where to buy

Purchase from any Vodafone store for free.

Vodafone iPad data plans

£3/ 5$ per month 30-day agreement Get your first 250MB of UK data free. £2 for each 250MB extra
£7.50/ 12$ per month 30-day agreement 500MB of UK data included. £7.50 for each 500MB extra
£15/ 24$ per month 30-day agreement 2GB of UK data included. £15 for each 1GB extra

VoIP applications

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks