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== What is APNchangeR all about ? ==
'''APNchangeR''' project has 3 main goals:
* Let people use their smartphones, tablets, cell phones, notebooks and other mobile devices with different cellular operators all over the world in the most cost effective way.
* Let people travel abroad with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, MiFi modems and other data devices and pay local rates avoiding outrageous roaming charges for voice and data.
* Let people configure their mobile devices and receive free, up-to-date information for specific carriers in real time and on the go.
'''APNchangeR''' is created by people who care about [ True Mobility]. They contribute to the project by editing information about a country or carrier they know well. This exchange of information allows mobile users to arrive to a new country, read relevant information, buy most relevant voice and data plans, configure their devices and start using them with new cellular operator.
If you see any error or want to update information, just do it right way. Press edit, it takes less than 5 minutes to update.
For any feature request please update [ Feature Request Page]
For any questions or suggestions please email me at ''''''. Thank you!

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