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About the Project

The Droam Prepaid SIM Encyclopedia is the largest, most-comprehensive and reliable collection of prepaid SIM card information available anywhere. Made possible by, the Prepaid SIM Encyclopedia is free and constantly growing and developing thanks to the invaluable contribution of users like you. Check out the help page to get involved today.
The site displays prepaid SIM card options organized by country. Each country page has a list of network carriers, available prepaid plans, activation & top-up instructions for each plan as well as numerous application recommendations.
In addition you can find information about international prepaid SIM cards, receive help in configuring your mobile WiFi hotspots with the APN Guide and use our online tool to automatically or manually change the APN settings on any mobile device.

  • How to use the APN settings tool?

    To change APN settings automatically on a smartphone/tablet, go from your mobile browser to and follow the instructions.

    To change APN settings manually on mobile WiFi hotspots and other non-smartphone devices, select your prepaid SIM country and cellular provider from the list below, copy-paste the relevant APN information and edit it manually on your device. A detailed installation guide can be found in "Mobile Devices APN Guide" section below.

  • Sponsor of the Project
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    This project is sponsored by, the developer of Droam prepaid platform.
    The platform allows quick creation, setup and launch of your own prepaid products. It swiftly connects to your mobile carriers and a payment service provider of your choice and works as an intermediary layer where you can effortlessly setup prepaid offers.

    To learn more about the platform and other products, visit Droam website