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Cellular Operators


APN settings

  • username: gprs
  • password: gprs
  • APN name:


APN settings

  • name : sunrise
  • username: (empty)
  • password: (empty)
  • APN : internet


APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name (for subscriptions only): internet
  • APN name (for prepaid only): click
  • MCC 228
  • MNC 03
  • Auth Type PAP
  • APN-type default,supl

Prepaid plans


Swisscom provides the best network coverage with widespread HSPA-availability and nationwide EDGE-support. Swisscom runs GSM at 900 and 1800 MHz and 3G/UMTS at 2100 MHz, while the launch of UMTS 900 is imminent.

NATEL Easy BeFree

"Natel Easy" is Swisscom's brand under which prepaid SIMs are sold. There are different tariffs for prepaid SIMs, from which one has to be chosen upon purchase

Monthly fees none
Unlimited surfing on the Internet CHF 4.-/day /4.6$
Unlimited calls on all Swiss networks CHF 3.-/day /3.5$
Send as many SMS/MMS as you like CHF 1.-/day

The Natel easy liberty uno SIM card (starter pack) costs CHF 19.90/ 23$ and includes CHF 20 of initial credit.

Switch to NATEL Easy BeFree

Send a free SMS with the word EASYBEFREE from your mobile to 444.

Data Plans for iPad

Data package 100 MB package 300 MB package 2 GB package
Prices CHF 5.- /6$ CHF 19.- /22$ CHF 39.- /45$
Validity period 1 calendar day 30 days 30 days

Natel easy liberty uno

The Natel easy liberty uno SIM card (starter pack) costs CHF 19.90 /23$ and includes CHF 20 in credit. Data tariff is CHF 1 per MB while the maximum cost charged for data is CHF 5 per day.

How to top up

Credit can be topped up:

  • at gasstations, kiosks, post offices, electronics retailers and many supermarkets (Coop, Coop Bau & Hobby, Coop Pronto, Interdiscount, Migros, Denner)
  • online by credit card (Mastercard, VISA, AmEx)
  • in Swisscom shops
  • with a Maestro card on ATMs
  • with a Swiss "Postcard" at "Postomaten"
  • at SBB-ticket vending machines (SBB is the national railroad company; vending machines accept coins, bills, Maestro and credit cards)

To redeem a top up voucher enter *123*(top up code) into your phone (not necessary if topped up by Maestro or credit card).

Where to buy

Natel easy SIMs are sold in Swisscom shops throughout Switzerland. Due to Swiss legislation registration with an ID-card or passport is obligatory.

Sim Size

All three mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM available.


The Sunrise network provides nationwide coverage with GSM900/1800 and UMTS2100. The GSM-network supports EDGE and the UMTS-network is HSPA-enabled.

Sunrise, Switzerland's second largest MNO, offers two prepaid data tariffs:

"Sunrise Surf" a data pack of 250MB (CHF 7.50/month / 8.7$) + CHF 0.10/MB for exceeding data volume (only available to "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM cards)

"T@KE AWAY PREPAID" a time-based data tariff without volume limitation for CHF 3.00/hour / 3.5(only available to "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM cards)

purchasing bundle of SIM card and USB-modem

The "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM is also sold with a netlocked Huawei E1692 USB modem, which costs CHF 49 /57$ additionally to the SIM cards cost of CHF 19.90.

How to activate
  • by sending a text message containing the word SURF to 5522
  • through Sunrise's website :
    • log in under
    • click "Meine Produkte"
    • click "Details und Bearbeitung"
    • click the "Sparoptionen" tab
    • click "Aktivieren" for "Sunrise surf"

The subscription of "Sunrise Surf" is automatically recurring as long as the remaining credit suffices. To stop your subscription send a test message containing "SURF STOP" to 5522 Note: If you do not activate the "Sunrise Surf" option for your "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM card, data will be billed with CHF 0.10 / 20 KB = CHF 5.00/MB

Where to buy

SIM cards are sold online through Sunrise's website and in their many retail shops throughout Switzerland (shop search ). You neither need to be a Swiss resident nor national to purchase a SIM card, however you need to register with a valid ID (driving licenses are not accepted). Both SIM cards, the "Sunrise go dayflat" and the "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM are sold for CHF 19.90 /23$, while only the "Sunrise go dayflat" contains an initial credit of CHF 20. In Zürich there are at least two Sunrise shops, which are also opened on Sundays and holidays

How to top up
  • online by credit card through Sunrise's website
  • at more than 600 "Migros" shops (including SportXX, Micasa, M-Electronics, Do it + Garden)
  • at more than 1000 "Coop" supermarkets (including Coop Bau+Hobby Märkten, Interdiscount and Coop Prepaid Shops)
  • at SBB-ticketmachines (national railways)
  • at gasstations
  • at kiosks
  • at post offices
  • further electronics retailers

Sim Size

All three mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM available.

VoIP applications

GPS and other navigation applications

Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

Social Networking applications

Special Travel applications

Wi Fi Networks